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Why brides worry and why they shouldn't

To my lovely brides-to-be,

The most common thing I experience as a wedding planner in Dubai for now 12 years is that brides and all family members getting worried about the big day and especially about their entrances. The funny thing is I have seen it so many times and every single time once the big entrance is done and the fun part starts literally all of them come to me and say "Oh wow, this was so easy and there was nothing to worry about". Any by the way, nothing ever happened. No one tripped, fell or stumbled :)

Here is the message I want to give you from this. PLEASE DO NOT WORRY AND JUST ENJOY EVERY MOMENT OF YOUR BIG DAY. It will pass so quickly so don't spoil it with unnecessary worry. It will just bring your entourage down, may make you look tense in your wedding pictures and most of all you don't enjoy the whole process. It should feel light, fun and exciting.

On another note (and without self-advertising purpose) you just need to have a good wedding planner. Me or just one of the other lovely wedding planner in Dubai.

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