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Weddings are back in Dubai! Here is all you need to know

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

Dear lovely ladies and gents!! Weddings are back in Dubai starting from 22nd of October 2020. Here is everything you need to know about the new regulations:

· Each hall is allowed to host a minimum of 200 guests; homes and tents are allowed to accommodate 30 guests, subject to compliance with the rule of one person per four square meters of the venue.

· Attendees should avoid shaking hands, kissing and hugging during events and only stick to non-physical greetings.

· Attendees should wear face masks at all times, except when they seat on the table.

· Attendees should avoid being seated face-to-face and maintain a distance of at least 1.5m between each other.

· A maximum of 5 guests are allowed per table.

· Tables should be placed at least two meters apart from each other.

· The duration of the event should not exceed a maximum of four hours.

· Any person experiencing symptoms, such as coughing, or fever must refrain from attending events.

· Elderly people and those with chronic conditions are advised not to attend gatherings.

· Dance floors are allowed only for entertainment performances.

· Entertainers have to wear a mask, but are allowed to take them off during the performance with keeping a distance of at least 4 meters to the audience.

Hey, it’s a beginning and we are more than happy that weddings are back after almost 8 months. Getting married is now legal again, which makes a huge difference.

Yes, no dancing. I know. But honestly, I enjoy a good dinner with family and friends where I’m able to talk to them and don't need to shout in their ears to overpower the DJ. In pre-corona wedding we had around 20% of the guests dancing and then 80% sitting bored and not able to talk because it was too loud. However, there are pro and cons for both options, so now we should make the best out of it and enjoy as much as we can.

I know, only four hours. BUT, if there is no dancing no one needs more than four hours. The cocktail reception is around 1 hour and a dinner usually takes no longer than 2 hours. So, all in all, four hours are doable. Guests should be advised though not to be late for wedding invites, so the program can start in time.

Only 5 per table? Why not, seating only 5 per table is way comfier than to squeeze up to ten. It's not ideal, but also doable.

If possible I would also opt for an outdoor venue, which is proven to be more safe for all guests.

What would be the ideal wedding program then? Ok, so I would go for a nice cocktail reception in the sunset, then welcome bride (and groom) either on the kosha with a catwalk or a sweetheart table, enjoy some entertainment and live music with a lovely set-menu served on a table. Cake cutting and a first dance. Chatting with family and friends during the dinner. Sounds nice, no?

Enjoy your day, lovelies. Yours, Stefanie

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