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Unleash the Magic of Your Dream Wedding with JAM's Expertise in Design, Planning, and Management!

From concept to reality, JAM is here to bring your wedding vision to life. We work hand-in-hand with you and your fiancé, bridesmaids, family, and everyone involved to create a tailored wedding day that truly reflects the two of you as a couple. Our comprehensive wedding planning services cover every detail, from sourcing the perfect venue and negotiating the best deals, to designing stunning wedding stages, coordinating events, and much more!

Say goodbye to stress and hello to endless enjoyment as our team provides unlimited on-site support, allowing you to soak in every moment of your special day. With our customized 3D venue and stage design, you'll have a clear picture of your big day before it even happens. We also develop a detailed wedding timeline and floor plan to ensure seamless execution by contracted vendors and bridal party.

Let JAM bring your dream wedding to life, while you sit back and enjoy the show!



Celebrate Your South Asian Wedding in Style with JAM's Expertise!


Hosting a South Asian wedding requires special attention to cultural customs and requirements, and JAM is here to make it a seamless and memorable experience. Our team is knowledgeable in all aspects of South Asian weddings, from traditional setups to modern and elegant touches.


We provide an all-inclusive service to cater to all your needs, from RSVP management, hospitality and catering, to logistics, transportation, and check-in services. You can rest assured that everything will run smoothly from guest arrival to the end of the wedding celebrations, with our full on-ground support pre, during, and post-wedding.


Our team also offers additional services such as hamper, gifts, and stationary, as well as makeup and hair arrangements for guests. With JAM's expertise in activity management, you can focus on enjoying your special day while we take care of the rest.


Say "I do" in style with JAM's comprehensive and personalized approach to South Asian weddings!

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GCC Wedding Celebrations: A Fusion of Tradition and Elegance with JAM.


Our all-female team at JAM has extensive experience in planning and executing glamorous and luxurious GCC weddings in Dubai and the UAE. From Emiratis, Saudis, to Bahrainis, we are committed to preserving the traditions and cultural customs of our clients in their modern-day ceremonies, including dated rituals such as Melcha, Henna, and the wedding day and men's celebration.


On the most anticipated day of the celebrations, JAM offers all the desired services needed to make your day unforgettable. From hospitality and catering, to mobile phone and female security services, Abaya service, hostess service, perfume service, favors and gifts, entertainment, stationary, thank you cards, tissue boxes, bridal assistant, and full wedding coordination.


Tie the knot with JAM by your side, where we harmoniously blend tradition, culture, and sophistication to create a truly memorable GCC wedding celebration.

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JAM Wedding & Events is highly accomplished and experienced in organizing Chinese-style weddings in Dubai. The company recognizes the unique cultural elements and traditions that make Chinese weddings special and works closely with clients to incorporate these elements into their celebrations in a way that reflects the international nature of the UAE and the company's expertise.


By combining Chinese and Western influences, JAM creates truly unique and personalized events that capture the essence of each couple's love story. Whether it's incorporating traditional tea ceremonies, red lanterns, or dragon and lion dances, JAM's keen attention to detail and artistic flair ensure that every aspect of the celebration is executed to perfection. Its ability to seamlessly blend different cultures and styles sets it apart as a leader in the industry and demonstrates its commitment to providing clients with truly unforgettable experiences.

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