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Updated event & social gathering regulations for Dubai

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

Dear lovely brides & friends,

As Dubai is getting ready for it’s amazing weather to come back by mid-October finally, there has been some announcements for corporate events, weddings and social gatherings in Dubai.

Let’s see what’s in for us for the events:

Banquet parties and Gala dinners at hotels

- Capacity & social distancing: Minimum of 2m Social distancing corresponding into 1 person per 4 sqm gross

- Banquet style table setup: Maximum of 10 people per table with a minimum of 2m distancing between each table if separated with physical dividers. Members of single group can be seated together, but 2 empty seats should be left vacant between other individuals not from the same group.

- Cocktail tables can have up to two guests per table

- Sterilization & Sanitizers provided everywhere and at all times

- Restrictions: No dance floor and no self-service at buffets

However, not all hotels allow banquet dinners for weddings, but hopefully we will get an update soon and this will be available around Dubai soon.

Small weddings and other family occasions

- First degree attendees of both families should not exceed 10 Person

- They should do a COVID-19 Test 24 hours before the event.

- Open buffets are not permitted, single use utensils and cups for eating and drinking are recommended.

- All surfaces and areas should be sanitized frequently

- Hand sanitizers should be widely available at events


- Performers can remove their masks during performances only if they can maintain at least 4m physical distancing measure with the audience.

These are the latest updates on wedding and social gatherings in Dubai. In addition to this lots of MICE meetings and Exhibitions are also allowed from 15th September / 1st of October 2020.

So, what is in for us? Couples can opt for a nice wedding dinner with a head table, background music and entertainment in hotels with 30 – 150 guests depending on the venue size or do a small home wedding setup within the close family and up to 10 guests.

It’s a beginning…

Wishing everyone a good start in the week and lots of love..

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