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What now...? A COVID-19 wedding update for Dubai weddings

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

Dear lovely brides-to-be.

I hope everyone has been well and is trying to stay sane while waiting for weddings to come back as they used to be. What are the updates for weddings and social gatherings in the UAE during the pandemic? As weddings were been on hold since March 2020 there was a brief period when the government permitted weddings with strict precautions, such as social distancing (2m) and no dance floors. Not really a wedding scenario most of us have dreamed of. However, about three weeks ago when cases where rising again weddings and social gatherings are banned until further notice. From 15h of September 2020 MICE meetings and dinners will be allowed again. Some brides opt now for an intimate reception dinners at some hotel venues. The hotel will then ask for the permission from DTCM to proceed. I'm expecting that this can only go through when the number of attendees will be kept low.

What about usual wedding celebration? When can we resume? This question I get at least twice a day now. The answer this unfortunately that we don't know. I'm sure that weddings as usual will be only possible when a vaccine has been distributed. However, in the meantime there are many alternative solutions. One of them is that there could be testing each wedding guest 24 hours prior to the wedding. The result must then be shown with the ID before entering the halls or venues. It would be also ideal to keep the weddings at a maximum of 100 guests to minimize spreading as well. Hopefully the government is working on a concept to build facilities to make mass testing for low cost available for everyone.

We still have about a month and we are hoping for an update how to proceed. In the meantime, all we can do is planning and dreaming of our unforgettable wedding day to come in the near future. Stay safe, stay positive, stay happy!! Virtual hugs and lots of love to all of you.

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