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Honeymoon on the way

Hi lovelies,

In today’s read, we decided to juice it up about what happens after the wedding is over. A lot of couples, from what we’ve seen end up with PWB right after the big day is all wrapped up. Yes, we are talking about (we said it) – Post Wedding Blues.

What’s the best way to move on, you ask?

Get your honey moon planning shoes on, travel essentials packed and passports zipped up, we say – afterall, all of that hard work, stress, planning, cake-eating, photo-taking, meeting with family members & cousins from everywhere, listing for the wedding, so on and so forth of the wedding, you and your partner have earned a well-deserved break; and some quiet time, just to yourselves.

We strongly believe that picking the destination is always the hardest; and once that has been done, the rest somehow follows. Which is why, we are here, to rescue you from the first (and hardest) step of it. We’ve categorized destinations, and then the places that would ideally be top three within those categories.

Category 1: Sun, Sand & Water Bora Bora, French Polynesia Koh Tao, Thailand Seychelles

Category 2: Tropical Feels The Bahamas Puerto Rico Maui, Hawaii Cape Town, SA

Category 3: Vintage & Romantic Paris, France Venice, Italy Santorini, Greece Udaipur, India

Category 4: Historical Romances Myanmar Marrakesh, Morocco Sri Lanka Iceland

Category 5 (our favourite): The Party Hub Miami, Florida Ibiza, Spain Rovinj, Croatia

So, dear readers, pick one category, and then all you’ve got to do is select one out of the top three choices suggested! 🙂 You’re so welcome, and don’t forget to tag us in your pictures, if you end up in a place because of this article.

Much love,

Team Jam

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